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Background - the podcasst

With our podcasts, we provide further information on taxes, legal framework, the artists' social insurance fund and insurance . The podcasts are available in German as videos or audios. If you wish to listen or watch to the podcasts please visit our German site: Medien und Downloads

In the interviews, the experts Jens Kesseler from IQ Steuerberatung in Leipzig (taxes), Alexa Jünkering from Beratungsbüro Selbstständigkeit in Dortmund (Artists' Social Insurance Fund ), Sonja Laaser from Kanzlei Laaser in Berlin (law) and Christian Grüner from Fairsicherungsladen Hagen (insurance) present specific aspects of the topics and explain them in conversation with journalists.

In the download area you will find comprehensive PDF presentations on the workshops on law, taxes, insurance and the artists' social insurance fund. The presentations are availabe in German as PDF files. If you wish to download the presentations please also visit our German site: Medien und Downloads