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The BFDK's "Campus Freie Darstellende Künste" provides knowledge about working in the independent performing arts. The accessibility of the website will be further improved.

The website was tested for its accessibility by the Gutwerker & blista test centre in accordance with the BITV 2.0 / WCAG 2.1 test procedure. The result of the test shows that the tested areas of this website are BITV-compliant. This website is very user-friendly for users with barriers and screen reader users.

There are still some barriers in the following areas:

  • No transcript is provdied for the podcast audio files.
  • The slider element (video carousel) on the "Media and Download" page is not accessible and confusing for users, as the change between videos is not signalled for users with a screen reader.
  • The files available for download on the "Media and Download" page do not meet the requirements for accessible documents. They are only available in German.
  • Videos and podcast are only available in German.

The accessibility of this website is being further improved.

Much of the website content is available in Simple German and English. The translation of furhter content into Simple German and English is planned. We will inform you when the content is available in these other languages.

The "Campus" is still in development. We are happy to receive your feedback concerning accessibility barriers and will improve accessibility continuously.