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Insurance for Self-Employed Persons and Theatres

Do you have good insurance as a self-employed person, theatre or association? Find out which insurance is absolutely necessary and which is recommended when working in the independent performing arts.

The contents of this chapter on insurance are based on a background seminar of insurance expert Christian Grüner of the Fairsicherungsladen Hagen. The text was prepared by Simon Hengel - Recht Klar Ausgedrückt and edited by the Campus team.

The purpose of insurance and the role of insurance brokers

The purpose of business insurance is not only to prepare for all possible cases, but about protecting your self-employment status, your company or your association against financial risk. Insurance is like a backup of what you achieved, i.e., the infrastructure and assets you created.

Insurance is provided by insurance agents (‘exclusive agents’ who may use network marketing), on online platforms and by and insurance brokers

  • Insurance can be obtained from insurance agents (‘exclusive’) via online comparison platforms and via insurance brokers.
  • Insurance agents only offer products of an insurance company. For an overview of the market, you have to speak with different agencies and make your own comparisons.
  • Online platforms provide direct comparisons. But individual support is limited and the focus is on private insurance.
  • Insurance brokers sell insurance products not bound to specific insurance companies. Their task is to assist clients with analyses and choose suitable insurance offers. They also provide support for claims management.
    Insurance brokers are required by law to be guided by the client’s interests when providing consultation, but are also paid a commission by the insurance company if its products are purchased.
    Insurance brokers often specialize on certain industries. Brokers who focus on the art and theatre scene have insurance concepts ready, e.g. for theatre groups, self-employed performers or theatre associations.

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